Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair

Just like any other mechanical device, your aircon may malfunction. If you detect any early signs that your AC unit is not functioning correctly, it is imperative that you get in touch with an air conditioning contractor servicing Melbourne suburbs. A licensed AC contractor will first examine the unit and try to identify the issue. They will then fix or replace the defective component to restore the unit to its proper working condition. Here are some signs that may indicate it is time to hire an air conditioning repair company.

Unusual Sounds

Your AC system should work silently. If you notice any unusual sounds from your air conditioner such as squealing, grating or grinding, you should call an AC expert to examine the unit. A loud rattling sound means there is a loose component in the system. The noise can also be due to debris or dirt in the fan. It is imperative that you contact a professional early to identify the cause of the weird sounds.

High Humidity

Apart from cooling your indoors, an air conditioner helps maintain humidity levels. If you start noticing drops of water vapour around windows, chances are your air conditioner is not functioning optimally. Contact an HVAC technician to check on it. This will enable you to determine whether your air conditioner needs repair or replacement.

Air Leaks

If your AC unit is leaking, then it might be an indication that some of the refrigerant is coming out. Coolant can be dangerous to the occupants of your home, so it is essential to make sure that the issue is fixed early. If the leak coming from the air conditioner is water, chances are that the drain tube is clogged. It is not a huge problem, but if overlooked, it can result in costly issues down the line.

Foul Smells

Air coming from your unit should be crisp, not smelly. If the air coming from the vents has a burning odour or smells musty, then contact an HVAC expert right away. The musty smell indicates that there is mould growth in the ductwork. Burning scent is a sign that wire insulation has burnt out or the motor is getting too hot. These are severe AC problems that should be fixed quickly. Contact an AC repair contractor immediately you identify such signs.

These are just some of the warning signs indicating it is time to hire a professional for your air conditioning repair. It is recommended that you repair any AC problem early to prevent an issue from developing to a more complex one. By hiring a reliable AC repair company, rest assured that your air conditioner will be fixed efficiently and promptly.

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Why Hire Qualified AC Technicians?

An air conditioning system plays a significant role in any home. It maintains the indoor temperatures of your home during the hot summer months. To keep your AC unit performing optimally, you should ensure it is installed, inspected, maintained and repaired by a certified air conditioning contractor. Regular air conditioner inspection and maintenance, not only enhances the longevity and functionality of your AC unit but also ensures that minor issues are detected and fixed early before they worsen. Here are top 5 benefits of hiring a licensed air conditioning Perth contractor.

Assurance of Safety

Attempting to repair electrical issues in your AC system personally is risky and dangerous. Professional AC repair contractors know how the various components of an AC unit function. They are specially trained on how to handle and repair any of these components safely and according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

Licensure and Certification

Professional AC repair contractors are licensed to offer air conditioning services. This means that they have fulfilled the requirements provided by regulatory authorities. Thus, they will provide you with high services. Most air conditioning companies have workers compensation insurance to protect their workers and clients from any accident that may occur during the AC installation, repair or maintenance process.

Trained and Experienced

It is possible that you do not know the warnings of a failing air conditioning system. This is because you are not trained in the diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems. Leaving all your repair troubles to a professional will give you peace of mind, knowing your system is in good hands. Professionals will examine the entire AC system, detect all the faulty components and ensure they are replaced or repaired correctly.

Advanced Equipment

Certified air conditioner technicians use advanced tools and equipment to fix your AC issues. This makes it easy to detect the specific issue with your unit and fix it quickly and correctly. The use of advanced tools and equipment helps you save money and time.

Professional Advice

If your air conditioner is not functioning correctly, an experienced AC technician will do a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the issue. Clogged air filters and ducts, low refrigeration levels are some of the issues that cause an AC unit to malfunction. Depending on the nature of the problem, your AC technician will make recommendations which may include replacing the entire cooling system. Your AC contractor will likely ask you to replace your air conditioner if it is more than 10 to 15 years old.

Special Discounts

AC installations and repairs might lead to financial drain especially if you had not made good plans for the whole process. However, AC professionals may offer discounts, specials and financing. This will make it easy for you to acquire a new unit and live a comfortable life during the hot summer months.

Working alone on your air conditioning system can be tiring and confusing. In fact, you may end up incurring a lot more unnecessary costs than you imagine. Hiring an aircon professional with great Facebook reviews can help ease the burden and anxiety of AC repair and maintenance.

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Know Your Air Conditioning System

Homes and offices are supposed to feel warm and welcoming, but there are certain times when we want to cool things off. The need for quality air conditioning is especially of utmost importance during the summer. For places with extreme heat temperatures, all year round like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the demand for an air conditioning system is even higher.

Did you know that not only humans and animals need air condition? Some heat producing systems like computer server and power amplifiers also make use of air conditioners to cool rooms. Storage of delicate products such as artwork and money also require the use of air conditioning systems. Have you ever used an ATM before and it’d feel so cool?

Types of air conditioners

Choosing the type of air conditioning system to use in your place of work or at home is usually a straightforward decision. But it is a decision often based on factors such as room size and the total heat generated inside the enclosed area.

Window AC

Window Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner is commonly used to cool a single room. It is a very compact air conditioner as all the components, such as the compressor, expansion valve or coil, condenser, cooling coil and evaporator are all enclosed in a single box. This is the most cost-effective air conditioner type as it is usually relatively cheap. This type of unit can be fitted into the wall of a room like a window. It isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it’s highly effective.

Split AC

Split Air Conditioner

The latest generation of split air conditioners are usually aesthetically pleasing and do not take up as much space as a window unit. Plus you don’t have to create any space on the wall. It is capable of cooling one or two rooms without any problem. The split air conditioner is made up of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit is usually outside the room, and it houses the expansion valve, condenser, and compressor. The indoor unit houses the cooling coil or evaporator as well as the cooling fan.

Packaged AC

Packaged Air Conditioner

If you contract an HVAC designer, they are most likely going to suggest this for multiple rooms or a large space in your office or home. Packaged Air Conditioners come in two possible arrangements. For the first, all its components like the compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve are housed in a single box. A high capacity blower distributes the cooled air through various ducts laid through different rooms. HVAC experts like RNR Air Cairns will ensure that you get a custom plan saving you on electricity bills in the long run. They make their contact details easy for their customers to find.

Central Air

This is a type of air conditioning unit that is used primarily for cooling houses, buildings, factories, entire hotels and so on. This is by far the most powerful and expensive type of air conditioning that we have. This unit is made up of a huge compressor that is capable of producing hundreds of tons of air conditioning. It is usually employed for cooling vast areas.

Why do you need to know the types of air conditioning systems? The answer is quite simple. Understanding the types of air conditioning systems helps you see the type of maintenance service to choose. It can also be useful in saving costs just in case you come across a dishonest HVAC designer. It is also important if you are the DIY type.

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Air Conditioner Repair

Good At DIYing? Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Summer Ready

There’s nothing worse than an air conditioner going on the fritz during summer highs. It’s all stuffy and sweaty indoors, but you can avoid being heat-soaked. The secret is troubleshooting and repairing your AC before summer rolls around.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential. If уоur unit suddеnlу has little to no cooling power, уоu саn сhесk оut a few common problem areas аnd реrhарs solve the issue yourself instеаd оf calling an AC technician.

Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

Causes: If уоu can’t get your air conditioner to activate, thеn blаmе it оn a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, a faulty or improperly set thermostat, оr an internal switch being off.

Solutions: Ensure the thermostat itsеlf is in the “Cool” position аnd set below the current room temperature. Check if the circuit breaker is in the “On” position. If a circuit breaker has tripped оr a fuse is blown, thеn reset the circuit breaker оr replace the fuse. Confirm that all switches in аnd аrоund thе AC аrе set to the “On” position inсluding the external safety switch.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Dehumidify Air

Causes: Poor dehumidification саn bе due to excessive humidity in the home. This mау bе caused by water leaks, open windows during humid periods оr lack of proper condensate drainage frоm your evaporator coil.

Solutions: Ensure all windows are closed sо humid air doesn’t come indoors. Check if condensate drainage is wоrking рrореrlу. Add supplemental dehumidification with а portable dehumidifier.

Poor Airflow From Cooling Vents

Cause: Poor airflow usuаllу results from a dirty air filter thаt hаs become blocked or even disconnected.

Solutions: Confirm that the air filter is сlеаn. If it’s dirty, clean or rерlасе it. Repair or connect ductwork аs nееdеd. Check indoor vents tо mаkе surе they’re fully open.

(A pampered air conditioner won’t be a headache when you need it most)

Short Compressor Cycle

Causes: A short-cycling compressor—оnе thаt turns on and off frequently—саn bе caused by leaking refrigerant, iced coils, an obstructed thermostat оr, in sоmе саsеs, an oversized cooling system.

Solutions: Ensure the thermostat isn’t obstructed. Check the condenser fins to make sure they’re not dirty or excessively bent. Replace the air filter if it’s dirty. Have an AC technician check for refrigerant leaks or incorrect refrigerant charge.

Long Compressor Cycle

Causes: Inadequate cooling соuрlеd with a long “On” cycle signals a worn out compressor thаt hаs lost its ability to compress refrigerant. This often leads to poor efficiency or high energy usage.

Solutions: Have an AC technician test the compressor аnd possibly replace the defective part. Fixing it yourself may result in a refrigerant leak.

Unit Doesn’t Cool At All

Causes: Thermostat set too high, condenser unit blocked, evaporator dirty, compressor faulty or not enough refrigerant.

Solutions: Lower thermostat setting by 5-degrees, clean condenser coil, remove debris blocking condenser and straighten fins using a fin comb.  If all else fails, call an AC professional. There are fantastic companies who offer air conditioning Sydney services for all A/C unit models. Generally, they service both residential and commercial spaces too. Be sure to do your due diligence beforehand!

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DIY Maintenance for Your AC Unit

The Essential DIY Maintenance for Your AC Unit

Your AC unit is a great investment that requires utmost protection. Just like any other appliance you have in your home, it has to be well maintained and cared for, to ensure that it functions efficiently. There are certain maintenance routines you can do to keep your air conditioning system in tip-top condition. An AC that is maintained properly will run well, consume less energy, last for a long time and help you save money in terms of power bills. Here are some of the essential DIY maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

Clean the air filter regularly

One of the do-it-yourself maintenance tasks is cleaning the air filter regularly. You need to clean it if it is reusable. If it is not reusable, you should replace it. You need to clean it every month, especially if you’ve used it for a long time. By cleaning it regularly, you will remove dirt, dust and other particles that will affect its performance.

Check all the components and wiring

Before you work on your air conditioner, you should always begin by turning off the unit’s power. You can do this on the service disconnect of your unit or at the main power breaker of your house. You should then check if there is any form of overheating by removing the access panels of the condensing unit. If you find any blackened or burnt wires and other burning signs, then it means there is overheating occurring. In addition, assess all the electrical connections to ensure they are tight.

Check thermostat

It is also advisable to check the thermostat of your air conditioning system to ensure that it works perfectly and keeps your house at the right temperature. In case your thermostat is the old mechanical type, you can decide to change it to a modern one that is programmable. Such a thermostat will help you save money because your air conditioner won’t have to run the whole day even when it is not necessary.

Replace the fan

You should also turn off your unit and look at the fan that is attached on top of the condenser unit to make sure that it’s in the right condition. If you find some cracks on the fan blades, you need to do a replacement. Equally, it’s important to oil the fan bearings regularly to enhance their functionality.

Clean the outside of your unit

With time, grass clippings, dirt and other debris might accumulate on the outside part of your air conditioner, thus reducing its capacity and affecting its function. So, make sure you clean it well regularly to get rid of the debris.

These are some of the essential maintenance tips you can do yourself to enhance the durability and functionality of your air conditioning system. If you find any complex issues with your system, always call a professional for more assistance. Professionals have the tools and skills to handle intricate AC problems. And when your unit breaks down, they’ll readily repair it, to ensure you have a comfortable time in your living or working space. We recommend an industry leading air conditioning contractor in Australia, Souther Aircon & Refrigeration for all your needs related to air conditioning. Get in touch with them, if you are in Canberra region.

Make sure you see our page on Smart Ways To Cut Your Air Conditioning Electricity Bill.

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5 Ways You Can Make Money with a Portable Air Conditioner

Every end of month is the time to clear your electricity bill. This is also the time most people hate because the mere sight at the amount causes them to feel the pinch well in advance of making the actual payments. One of the main reasons why the electricity bills sky rocket is courtesy of the air conditioner.

If you live in an especially hot area, its easy to think that there is no way to escape this. However, there are ways that can help you lower the cost of electricity every month. Let’s consider a few of them below.

  1. Choose the Smaller Portable A/C

The portable air conditioner is smaller and less powerful than the main A/C. Less power often translates to less energy consumption. In order to use this device more effectively, you can move it from room to room as you see necessary.

For example, during the weekends when you are spending the day at home, you can place the portable air conditioner in the living room. On weekdays, you can put it in the bedroom for a more comfortable nights sleep. This will help you save considerable units of electricity.

  1. Use It Together with the Main A/C

When the temperature is low, the main air conditioner uses more energy to function. When this happens on a daily basis you can expect the bills to be high by the time the month is over.

You can use the smaller portable air conditioner to assist the main A/C. This can help lower the energy consumption significantly.

  1. Features

The features on a portable air conditioner can help you save money. For example, consider the timer. You can set it to run 30 minutes before you arrive home from work and this will cut down on the costs.

  1. Multi-Functional

When the humidity levels are high, you need to use the dehumidifier. When the temperatures are high, you will need to turn on the fan. The air conditioner can perform both these tasks which saves you from having multiple equipment running at the same time. This cuts down on the electricity bill by a large margin.

  1. Forget the Central A/C

Central air conditioners use up more power per area than the portable air conditioners. This makes the latter much more efficient. If you follow clever routines, you will find that you don’t really need the central A/C. Simply move the portable A/C to a different room when necessary.

Find out more by visiting

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Commercial Air Conditioning & Repair Company

Finding the best commercial air conditioning & refrigeration company. Here’s how!

During the summer and winter, commercial heating and cooling systems are essential for your business. A quality air conditioner will improve the room’s air quality, while a refrigerator will preserve the food for long. Hiring a well-trained HVAC service provider to deal with the problems in AC & refrigeration systems is crucial. This ensures your equipment run at peak performance whether it is hot or cold indoors. Consider these 8 tips when choosing a commercial HVAC contractor.

Talk to your friends and neighbours

Find out which HVAC companies they have hired before. Were their experiences with the firm good or bad? Friends and neighbours are a reliable source of recommendations. They will honestly tell you whether or not the contractor you’re seeking to hire provides quality services, fair prices, and quick emergency responses.

Read online reviews

Check out Yelp, Yellow Pages, SuperPages and Angie’s List. Are the consumer reviews negative or positive? Don’t base your decision on the ratings. Be sure to read the reviews and judge wisely. Sometimes a review can give you lots of information about the AC and refrigeration contractor. Other times you’ll find hostile or irrational reviews.

Check out company’s website

You can often learn a lot about a heating & cooling company from its website. Is their homepage informative, readable and helpful to you as a consumer? As an example, see Accutemp Services. It’s a plus if they have an educational blog you can read or entertaining videos you can watch.

Compare prices and value

It’s tempting to select a service provider based only on price. But, be aware of the lowest bidder. The cheapest HVAC option is not the best one. Because of the complexity of HVAC systems, it is a good idea to hire a company that is skilled in carpentry, plumbing, and of course, refrigeration and air conditioning work. Choose an experienced, certified, insured, and factory trained technician who offers fair pricing.

Find a readily available contractor

A well-established company is here to stay and will always be there to service your heating/cooling system. Obviously, you don’t want a company that will perform system installation and then misses in action when it comes to service the unit.

Educate yourself

Don’t proceed to hire an air conditioning & refrigeration company blindly. The more you know what you require the better off you’ll be. How often does your equipment need maintenance? What are your preferred options for fridge repairs? Understanding these things will help ensure you receive the best service from the company your hire.

Ask the right questions

Frame your questions around the HVAC company’s experience, long-term costs, and expertise. A highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and affordable firm will provide you with quality services and save you money in the long run.

Collect written quotes

Get different written quotes from different local air conditioning and refrigeration contractors. Choose the cheapest company that fully guarantees their work and provides all the services you require.

A reliable Air Conditioning & Refrigeration company will play a significant role in your business’s air quality, safety, comfort, and productivity. These above-mentioned steps will help you make a good hiring decision. If you’re located in the South region of Australia, and in need of an air conditioning or refrigeration company for either commercial or residential, head over to –

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5 Ways to Keep Cool While Waiting for the Air Conditioner Repair Man Dunes

It’s summertime! That means sunshine, heat, and a renewed appreciation for our air conditioning systems! Of course, it also puts additional strain on those air conditioners, and that can end in a situation where you’re forced to wait for the air conditioner repair man before you can get your home back to a comfortable temperature.

Times like this can cause you to feel helpless. After all, unless you have an HVAC degree, there’s not much you’ll be able to do on your own. Fortunately, though there are low-tech ways you can keep yourself cool…even when the air around you is not!

Regulate Your Home’s Temperature Manually

You may not have total control over your home’s temperature, but you can do your best to keep it relatively cool. During the day, for instance, keep all of your shades down and your curtains closed. This will insulate your rooms against a good portion of the heat. You can also close doors to seal off the “hot side” of the house, keeping the remaining rooms that much cooler. And don’t forget to open those windows at night to let the cool breeze work it’s magic!

Additionally, you can check your ceiling fans. Are they rotating counter clockwise? If not, flip that switch! Ceiling fans running counter clockwise will pull the hot air upward and send the cold air down to you. If it’s running clockwise, you may be doing more harm than good!


The importance of hydration can’t be overstated, especially since it can be a lot of fun! Pick up a small kiddie pool and set it in your yard. Some water from the garden hose will turn this into a relaxing spa getaway for you and your family…okay, that might be overstating it a bit, but it sure will be refreshing!

You can also soak an old t-shirt and wear that, or freeze a handkerchief and wear it around your neck to cool down. It’s also a great time to teach the kids about the magic of water balloon fights!

And, of course, you should be drinking some of that water as well. Fill a jug with ice cubes and water, and toss in a few slices of lemon or lime to give yourself a fast, cooling treat.

Dress Appropriately

If you can get away with it, now is the time to dress down! The fewer layers between yourself and the heat, the less opportunity for that heat to get trapped against your body. Break out the shorts. Leave the heavy shirts behind. Kick off your shoes and socks, and let your body breathe!

If you do need to dress more nicely – whether because you have company or because you’re just not that comfortable with your neighbors – still keep the temperature in mind when choosing an outfit. Light colors and fabrics work best. Wear loose fitting clothing rather than anything tight. And for crying out loud trade in that wool hat for a light new straw hat instead!

Host a Cookout

That’s right, your punishment for failing to properly maintain your air conditioning system is…you get to have a barbeque! By cooking outside you prevent your stove from further heating up your house, and you can also use this opportunity to bond with family members, neighbors, and friends as well. Additionally, you can grill up some delicious veggies or chicken strips, and toss them all into a big, cool, refreshing salad.


The simplest solution is also one of the most helpful: take it easy! This is your chance to lie around and relax. Catch up on old books or teach yourself Sudoku. Relax with your tablet and re-affirm your appreciation of high-speed Internet. Lie in a hammock, sprawl out in the grass, or just spend time with a loved one beneath a large, shady tree.

Living without an air conditioner can be a pretty unhappy surprise, but in the right frame of mind, you’ll find plenty of ways to have fun as you wait for the repair.

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