Every end of month is the time to clear your electricity bill. This is also the time most people hate because the mere sight at the amount causes them to feel the pinch well in advance of making the actual payments. One of the main reasons why the electricity bills sky rocket is courtesy of the air conditioner.

If you live in an especially hot area, its easy to think that there is no way to escape this. However, there are ways that can help you lower the cost of electricity every month. Let’s consider a few of them below.

  1. Choose the Smaller Portable A/C

The portable air conditioner is smaller and less powerful than the main A/C. Less power often translates to less energy consumption. In order to use this device more effectively, you can move it from room to room as you see necessary.

For example, during the weekends when you are spending the day at home, you can place the portable air conditioner in the living room. On weekdays, you can put it in the bedroom for a more comfortable nights sleep. This will help you save considerable units of electricity.

  1. Use It Together with the Main A/C

When the temperature is low, the main air conditioner uses more energy to function. When this happens on a daily basis you can expect the bills to be high by the time the month is over.

You can use the smaller portable air conditioner to assist the main A/C. This can help lower the energy consumption significantly.

  1. Features

The features on a portable air conditioner can help you save money. For example, consider the timer. You can set it to run 30 minutes before you arrive home from work and this will cut down on the costs.

  1. Multi-Functional

When the humidity levels are high, you need to use the dehumidifier. When the temperatures are high, you will need to turn on the fan. The air conditioner can perform both these tasks which saves you from having multiple equipment running at the same time. This cuts down on the electricity bill by a large margin.

  1. Forget the Central A/C

Central air conditioners use up more power per area than the portable air conditioners. This makes the latter much more efficient. If you follow clever routines, you will find that you don’t really need the central A/C. Simply move the portable A/C to a different room when necessary.

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