Finding the best commercial air conditioning & refrigeration company. Here’s how!

During the summer and winter, commercial heating and cooling systems are essential for your business. A quality air conditioner will improve the room’s air quality, while a refrigerator will preserve the food for long. Hiring a well-trained HVAC service provider to deal with the problems in AC & refrigeration systems is crucial. This ensures your equipment run at peak performance whether it is hot or cold indoors. Consider these 8 tips when choosing a commercial HVAC contractor.

Talk to your friends and neighbours

Find out which HVAC companies they have hired before. Were their experiences with the firm good or bad? Friends and neighbours are a reliable source of recommendations. They will honestly tell you whether or not the contractor you’re seeking to hire provides quality services, fair prices, and quick emergency responses.

Read online reviews

Check out Yelp, Yellow Pages, SuperPages and Angie’s List. Are the consumer reviews negative or positive? Don’t base your decision on the ratings. Be sure to read the reviews and judge wisely. Sometimes a review can give you lots of information about the AC and refrigeration contractor. Other times you’ll find hostile or irrational reviews.

Check out company’s website

You can often learn a lot about a heating & cooling company from its website. Is their homepage informative, readable and helpful to you as a consumer? As an example, see Accutemp Services. It’s a plus if they have an educational blog you can read or entertaining videos you can watch.

Compare prices and value

It’s tempting to select a service provider based only on price. But, be aware of the lowest bidder. The cheapest HVAC option is not the best one. Because of the complexity of HVAC systems, it is a good idea to hire a company that is skilled in carpentry, plumbing, and of course, refrigeration and air conditioning work. Choose an experienced, certified, insured, and factory trained technician who offers fair pricing.

Find a readily available contractor

A well-established company is here to stay and will always be there to service your heating/cooling system. Obviously, you don’t want a company that will perform system installation and then misses in action when it comes to service the unit.

Educate yourself

Don’t proceed to hire an air conditioning & refrigeration company blindly. The more you know what you require the better off you’ll be. How often does your equipment need maintenance? What are your preferred options for fridge repairs? Understanding these things will help ensure you receive the best service from the company your hire.

Ask the right questions

Frame your questions around the HVAC company’s experience, long-term costs, and expertise. A highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and affordable firm will provide you with quality services and save you money in the long run.

Collect written quotes

Get different written quotes from different local air conditioning and refrigeration contractors. Choose the cheapest company that fully guarantees their work and provides all the services you require.

A reliable Air Conditioning & Refrigeration company will play a significant role in your business’s air quality, safety, comfort, and productivity. These above-mentioned steps will help you make a good hiring decision. If you’re located in the South region of Australia, and in need of an air conditioning or refrigeration company for either commercial or residential, head over to –