Homes and offices are supposed to feel warm and welcoming, but there are certain times when we want to cool things off. The need for quality air conditioning is especially of utmost importance during the summer. For places with extreme heat temperatures, all year round like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the demand for an air conditioning system is even higher.

Did you know that not only humans and animals need air condition? Some heat producing systems like computer server and power amplifiers also make use of air conditioners to cool rooms. Storage of delicate products such as artwork and money also require the use of air conditioning systems. Have you ever used an ATM before and it’d feel so cool?

Types of air conditioners

Choosing the type of air conditioning system to use in your place of work or at home is usually a straightforward decision. But it is a decision often based on factors such as room size and the total heat generated inside the enclosed area.

Window AC

Window Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner is commonly used to cool a single room. It is a very compact air conditioner as all the components, such as the compressor, expansion valve or coil, condenser, cooling coil and evaporator are all enclosed in a single box. This is the most cost-effective air conditioner type as it is usually relatively cheap. This type of unit can be fitted into the wall of a room like a window. It isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it’s highly effective.

Split AC

Split Air Conditioner

The latest generation of split air conditioners are usually aesthetically pleasing and do not take up as much space as a window unit. Plus you don’t have to create any space on the wall. It is capable of cooling one or two rooms without any problem. The split air conditioner is made up of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit is usually outside the room, and it houses the expansion valve, condenser, and compressor. The indoor unit houses the cooling coil or evaporator as well as the cooling fan.

Packaged AC

Packaged Air Conditioner

If you contract an HVAC designer, they are most likely going to suggest this for multiple rooms or a large space in your office or home. Packaged Air Conditioners come in two possible arrangements. For the first, all its components like the compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve are housed in a single box. A high capacity blower distributes the cooled air through various ducts laid through different rooms. HVAC experts like RNR Air Cairns will ensure that you get a custom plan saving you on electricity bills in the long run. They make their contact details easy for their customers to find.

Central Air

This is a type of air conditioning unit that is used primarily for cooling houses, buildings, factories, entire hotels and so on. This is by far the most powerful and expensive type of air conditioning that we have. This unit is made up of a huge compressor that is capable of producing hundreds of tons of air conditioning. It is usually employed for cooling vast areas.

Why do you need to know the types of air conditioning systems? The answer is quite simple. Understanding the types of air conditioning systems helps you see the type of maintenance service to choose. It can also be useful in saving costs just in case you come across a dishonest HVAC designer. It is also important if you are the DIY type.